CASO Railway Station Wedding


 Working in St Thomas everyday, I get to pass the beautiful & historic railway station built in the late 19th century. A pride of the city, the beautiful architecture is now used as a backdrop for all kinds of local functions and parties. Last year I was able to be a part of my dear friend Jason and his wife Kristyn’s wedding reception at the CASO Railway Station.

The wedding began in downtown London’s grand St Peter’s Cathedral Basilica with a family focused ceremony. Shortly after the vows were spoken and rings exchanged, I hurried to get the cake from London to the Railway Station in St Thomas. Once we arrived the air conditioning was pumping full blast to keep the muggy air out for the reception dinner that was to follow.

Bake Shop Studio | London Ontario

Once the guests arrived we began our evening meeting new couples, sipping wine and admiring the beauty of the room. It was filled with all kinds of history from Jason and Kristyn’s family, including lovely pictures from the weddings of their parents and grandparents.

The room was embellished with succulents, old books, lace & gold fabrics, tea cups and eucalyptus leaves. The decor was a beautiful, delicate match to the classic atmosphere of the CASO Railway Station.

It was right around dinner the heat began to rise. Eventually someone broke from the crowd to open the towering window shutters to nothing but mass applause and laughter from the warm bodies in the room.

The room cooled and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with wine, laughter, the occasional song and joke. We had lovely conversations about new babies, art and the stories about the bride and groom.

After dinner it was time to cut the cake. I had put together a few smaller cakes with all handmade wildflowers to match the earthy, natural bouquets that Kristyn and her bridesmaids held.

Speeches came soon after dinner and each one was an incredibly moving portrait of Jason and Kristyn and their families. We were told of how each person had experienced knowing both Jason and Kristyn and the deep friendship which their marriage was based on. The love these families had was palpable and there were just enough laughs to brighten the few tears that were shed. I feel lucky to know such a wonderful couple and wish them the most happy first anniversary in July.

Kate St Laurent